Installation bugged

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Installation bugged

Postby Iceva1 » Sat Dec 28, 2019 10:10 am

So after a couple of years i decided to go back and replay tron 2.0. I have a physical copy of the game but i have a laptop that doesnt have a CD drive, so i bought a external CD drive and installed it with that just fine. The game runs fine but there are a few things that are broken

No autosave (i forgot if this game has autosave)

Textures sometimes break (normally not world textures)

i would send pictures if i could but im a new user so

So is my installation a bit bugged or something?

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Re: Installation bugged

Postby TronFAQ » Mon Dec 30, 2019 4:24 pm

Hey, Iceva1! Welcome to the LDSO forum. T-]

TRON 2.0 definitely has an autosave feature. It creates a new save in a dedicated autosave slot, every time you start a new level.

Not sure why you wouldn't be seeing any autosaves. If you click Single Player > Load game from the game's main menu, you should see "Auto-save" right below "Quick load" and it should have a saved game there.

As for broken textures, it could be one of several things.

For one, the game doesn't really like it when you use Alt-Tab to switch between it and the desktop. This can lead to corrupted textures, if you Alt-Tab too often. (Though, if you're already seeing corrupted textures, sometimes using Alt-Tab can have the opposite effect.)

It could also have to do with your GPU and/or display driver. Intel integrated graphics sometimes don't work well with certain games, if that's what your laptop has. If it has Nvidia graphics, you might want to try changing a setting. In the Nvidia Control Panel, try changing "Power management mode" to "Prefer maximum performance".

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