Things to try if the game crashes with a "Client MFC" error

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Things to try if the game crashes with a "Client MFC" error

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If TRON 2.0 crashes with a "Client MFC" error while using the mod, try these two things:

  • Use the Mod Manager to disable the mod, then enable it. Then try running the game again.
  • If that doesn't work:

    Right click this file link in your browser and choose Save As. Save it to your hard drive, desktop, wherever you can easily find it. Go into the .zip and extract or Copy and Paste the tron20_fix file outside the .zip. You can copy it to your desktop.

    Click (or double click) it. When the UAC and Regedit nags show up, always say Yes to allow this registry script to do its thing. Make sure the game is not running at the time you do this.

    Run the Tron 2.0 game launcher (not the Mod Manager) and click Play. You should see the launcher ask you what Detail level you want to run the game at. Select High Detail.

    When the game runs the crashing may have stopped, but the resolution will be wrong. Quit the game.

    Run the Mod Manager. Disable the mod, and then enable it again. This resets the resolution back to what you chose when you installed the mod.
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