Hosting/Dedicated Server questions....?

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Hosting/Dedicated Server questions....?

Post by Techromancer »

Hi people,

fyi - school is done in 2 weeks!! - I earned my assoc./BA in Game Art & Design which includes traditional art mediums as well as 3D modeling (not to mention some math from high school I needed to get current - lol).

In very short order, my life is mine again and I can begin to REALLY work on many things I have had in the side-wings. Tron 2.0 User expansions are among the top echelon. !YES! (YES)

Anyway - enough about my crap - .... T%o


I want to help revitalize and keep alive the spirit of (old)/*new Tron. (EOL)

Just like old school Star Wars Jedi Outcast II - I remember when the multiplayer servers were full and you had to wait in que. Damn that $h!t was fun - same as the old LC matches on Tron Multiplayer - even just to spectate and chat. (*sigh ... miss the old days :( (EOL)

I have the "dedicated server" app/program from Tron tools - have no idea how to use such things. I, of course assume I would have to have a pc in my house/network constantly on and connected. (EOL)

Needless to say I would have to have every map available...

any advice...? :?:

Happy Trails! |___| |___| |___| |___| __o-o
Techro |___| __o-o

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Re: Hosting/Dedicated Server questions....?

Post by TronFAQ »

There are TRON 2.0 multiplayer servers out there that are still up and running. Schmatzler runs some European servers 24/7, and hosts the site" onclick=";return false; where you can see a list of active servers. And LDSO runs North American servers on weekends (Friday evening - Sunday evening).

But if you want to run your own server, here are the key points to keep in mind.
  • GameSpy, which is what TRON 2.0 used to find servers to connect to, shut down a few years ago.
  • The current version of the Killer App Mod helps to restore multiplayer, by allowing you connect to a GameSpy substitute that lets you see any active servers again.
  • You'll likely want to grab the complete map pack installer, which you already mentioned. So you'll have all the custom maps.

    It's probably a good idea not to mix default retail maps with custom ones on your server. Either do all retail, or all custom. Otherwise, people who don't have the custom maps will be able to play at first, but then get kicked off and likely get confused as to why they were booted out. Whereas if the maps are all custom, they won't be able to join in the first place and the game will tell them they don't have the required map.
  • If you have a router and/or software firewall, you have to set them up to allow the dedicated server program to access the internet via port forwarding.

    You can visit the site" onclick=";return false; and take a look at their list of routers. Then after selecting your brand and model, look at the guide for F.E.A.R. (which uses the same ports as TRON 2.0). You don't need the Portforward Network Utilities software they advertise on the site. It's just a money making gimmick.

    I'm not sure if port 29910 still needs to be blocked, any more. Probably not. You used to block this port from being used, in order to make sure everyone could play. (It was used to check your CD key. If you didn't have a valid, unused CD key - aka a pirated key - you'd get kicked from servers.)

    For a firewall, you need to allow Lithtech.exe and TRONSrv.exe full access to the internet.
  • You create a list of maps for people you play on your server, in the game. This is done on the Host screen in the Multiplayer part of TRON 2.0. You can also set other options there, like which multiplayer game type you want the server to be (Light Cycles, Disc Arena, Derez) and many others.

    It's important to set LAN only to No and Dedicated server to Yes. You also don't want to use a password, or else no one will be able to join your server.
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