Hole in one....

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Hole in one....

Post by cryogen4000 »

Hi!! would it be possible for someone that can host maps ..... as i cant :( to host disc golf map...as often as the other maps on the server //// please!! :wink: looks very cool and a lot of fun...... if only it was on the server :D ::::)

Re: Hole in one....

Post by NicolA.exe »

I never liked maps with off-topic character. I mean if you like to play retro games & if you are a fan of tron you expect nothing else to play.

Some players have said they even didn't liked most of the costummaps which were done with heart by diehards. I loved most of them & my fav gamemode always has been Disc Arena. I also looked for Lightcycles if they didn't host costumaps. The same goes for Derezze but it was a hated one.

Good Luck!
NicolA.exe aka Nicola Alexandra
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