Thanks for the games, Crash!

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Thanks for the games, Crash!

Post by xenobuzz »

Just wanted to say how much I appreciated the few LC games I caught with this program! They were very nice and even let me win a few!

Now that I've got more of a feel about how to play online, I'll be hauntin' the servers more often!

That is, in 2009. I'll be on vacation shortly.

Good luck and low pings to you all!

Dave S.
"There is no end, no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life." -Federico Fellini

Re: Thanks for the games, Crash!

Post by NicolA.exe »

Hi Programm!

I too had the honor to meet this programm on the gamegrid last weekend. He promised that he will reatived his scripts for many lightcycles matches near in the future. He also feels a chance many programms will reactived themselves back for good.

It was about time when we may believe in a sequal of the tron movie. If that is true then even the former actors will cast again. So there is a big reason for every vet coming back to celebrate. I shall attend this celebration at every weekend (fridays or saturdays) from now on.

My function works best at discs but sometimes i may try lightcycles aswell allthough with these high pings i'm no real challenge. I'm only expierenced with Disc Arena. There i somehow got used with the latency and programms who connect thru wirless lan.

I wish the best,
NicolA.exe (Alexandra)
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