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Light Cycle Multiplayer Map Tutorial

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TRON 2.0 - Map Editing Tutorial 2/3 (Making a Light Cycle Map)

Download the self-installing Editing Tools

This tutorial video is part 2 of 3: meant to teach beginners how to make maps for the game TRON 2.0.

NOTE that the self-installing Editing Tools you can download have these tutorial videos included!

This is the longest video, covering how to make a Multiplayer Light Cycle map.

Before anyone says anything: I forgot to get rid of the server password on the Multiplayer hosting screen. But don't worry . . . it's long since been changed, and I don't use that password anywhere else. T-p

These videos are long, but they cover a lot of ground so that you can make a map from start to finish.

It's best to watch the video in higher quality 480p so you can see the details better.


2011/10/27 23:30