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Disney Interactive Studios

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Disney Interactive Studios
Video game developer
The Walt Disney Company
Glendale, California, USA


Disney Interactive Studios started in 1988 as Walt Disney Computer Software, a developer of various computer software titles (mostly games and educational), based on the vast array of intellectual property that was owned by their parent company. In 1995 the division changed its name to Disney Interactive, and it often sought out co-developing or co-publishing deals with other companies during this phase of its existence. By 2003, the division split into two companies: one kept the Disney Interactive name and stuck with producing the more traditional children's fare they were known for, while the new Buena Vista Interactive team was established to first market and publish TRON 2.0 which was considered a more adult-oriented title. This was followed by other titles that were also considered perhaps a bit “risky” to be associated with the Disney name. In 2004, BVI changed its name to Buena Vista Games.

In 2007, the name was again changed to Disney Interactive Studios, which is essentially a reversion to its 1995 name. Then in 2008, it could be argued the name changed yet again, as the division was merged with the Disney Internet Group to become Disney Interactive Media Group. However, the public face of the company is still Disney Interactive Studios. Though it briefly used the name Touchstone Games when it published the 2008 Turok game, once more to distance the title from the Disney name because of its mature rating.

Starting in 2005, DIS attempted to build up a portfolio of internally-owned studios. These included Avalanche Software/Fall Line Studios, Propaganda Games, Black Rock Studio (formerly the Climax Group Racing division), Disney Mobile Studios (formerly Living Mobile), Club Penguin, Gamestar (they ported the PC version of TRON Evolution), Junction Point Studios, Wideload Games, Tapulous, and Playdom. However, several of these studios have since faltered, and were either downsized or shut down. Propaganda Games, responsible for developing TRON Evolution, is one of the studios that has since gone defunct.1) Black Rock Studio, responsible for TRON 2.0: Killer App on the Xbox, is another.2)

It is worth noting that, either out of indifference or as a deliberate act, TRON 2.0 is no longer featured or referenced on the DIS internet site except for a few brief mentions in their Customer Support online help section.

For more on the company, see the Wikipedia page.


Logo circa 1995-2002.3)
Logo circa 2003.
Logo circa 2004-2005.4)
Logo circa 2005-2006.5)
Logo from 2007-Present.6)
1) See Joystiq article Propaganda Games Shuttered.
2) See Wikipedia entry on Black Rock Studio for more about the studio shutting down.
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