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LDSO - LivingDead System Operators

LDSO Small Logo (Spiral)


Type of group

LivingDead System Operators
Late 2004
Merger of two gaming clans:
LD and DSO
Started as gaming clan,
evolved into development team

LivingDead System Operators
[LDSO] Logo (2008-Present)
LivingDead System Operators
[LDSO] Logo and Team Members (2007-2008)
LivingDead System Operators
[LDSO] Logo (2005-2007)
Digital Structure of Order
(aka Dark System Operators)
[DSO] Logo (2003-2004)
(aka LivingDead Zombies)
[LD] Logo and Team Photo (2003-2004)


LDSO is a gaming clan and developer for the game TRON 2.0. Originally starting as two separate clans called LivingDead and Digital Structure of Order (also known as Dark System Operators), the two merged in late 2004.

Current members of LDSO (in alphabetical order)
Kain-Xavier Load"*",8,1 Mor.Evil-1 TronFAQ
win3k xistence (aka X) zook_one

The following is an excerpt from an interview done several years ago1), about the merger of LD and DSO.

Well, Load and I had played with X forever. His clan shared all the same ideals we did. To be honest, the merger was just a long time coming. I had taken an interest in DEdit, and X has many of the best looking maps around. We had been chatting on and off the grid about map making, and he liked many of the ideas I had. So, after getting to know one another better – and during many the late night DEdit tutorial chats – X brought up merging the teams. It sounded like a great idea, and we both agreed to put it to a team vote on both sides. There were no objections, so we merged and became LDSO.

Many of the things were a natural fit. LD had a red team color, DSO was blue: mix the two colors and you get purple. Clan tags, LD and DSO merge together to become LDSO. And so on. It's just been a great fit, and many great friendships have come out of it!

- Mor.Evil-1, one of the LDSO Team founders

Past Projects

Although all the members of LDSO started off as fans who just enjoyed playing TRON 2.0, over the years they have changed their focus to developing projects for the game.

Notable creations by LDSO members

  • TRON 2.0 Unofficial FAQ - HTML FAQ guide that contains technical support and detailed information about TRON 2.0.
  • TRON 2.0 News - Site for support and news about TRON 2.0, and TRON in general.
  • Xistence Imaginations - Xistence's site showcasing his TRON 2.0 projects, along with his art and other works.
  • Complete Map Pack - Self-installing map pack that collects all the custom Multiplayer maps made by the fan community.
  • Multiplayer maps - All of which are now part of the Complete Map Pack.
  • Killer App Mod - Mod that adds widescreen support to TRON 2.0 and many other new features; made in collaboration with 9VoltChicken, Kain-Xavier, and other community members.
  • User Error - Series of Single Player expansions for TRON 2.0, done in cooperation with Meatsack.
  • Ancient Disc Mod - Changes the Disc in TRON 2.0 to look like the old identity disc in TRON.
  • KMX Legacy Disc Mod - Changes the Disc in TRON 2.0 to look like the identity disc in TRON Legacy.
  • REZ Handler - Tool to install and manage maps and mods. Considered obsolete because maps and mods are now all self-installing.
  • TRON 2.0 Self-Installing Editing Tools - Takes the pain out of using the Editing Tools by making them self-install, and adds lots of extras not included by BVG/Monolith.
  • LDSO2LTA - Tool that converts .STL and .DXF files to .LTA World format; allows users to create map geometry in other programs and convert it so it can be loaded in DEdit.
  • TRON 2.0 Soundtrack - A member of LDSO created the first complete fan-made TRON 2.0 Soundtrack back in 2005.
  • TRON 2.0 Chat Room - Custom rewritten version of chat room software with a TRON theme.
  • xMDK - Xistence's TRON 2.0 Map Development Kit, containing Prefabs and other content to help with creating your own maps.
  • TRON 2.0 Multiplayer Fix - Created in response to GameSpy discontinuing support for TRON 2.0 Multiplayer.

Future Projects

Establishing an online presence

In 2005, the team started a web site and forum. Starting in 2008, the site and forum underwent major upgrades to give them a more professional and user-friendly appearance. In 2012, another upgrade occurred when a new Wiki feature was added.

Lobbying efforts

Members of LDSO were amongst those active in trying to get - then known as - Buena Vista Games (BVG) to help out the fan community with their TRON 2.0 modding activities, back in 2004-2005. Ultimately, BVG dropped support for the game and its community: so discussions went nowhere. See the TRON 2.0 article for more about the publisher's relations with its customers.

Contact from former Monolith employee

In April 2010, after the release of the Killer App Mod, LDSO heard from a former Monolith employee who had worked on TRON 2.0.2) He sent an e-mail: the following of which is an excerpt.

Totally awesome what you guys were able to do with the little support you had. I apologize for the lackluster support. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments- the Original Tron 2.0 team at Monolith was more or less disbanded after the game- with any remaining employees who worked on that game went on to make Condemned.

Best of luck to you on the Mod update.

- Dan Miller, former Monolith employee
Multiplayer Disc Arena Designer on TRON 2.0

TRON Evolution

Members of LDSO have been asked about whether they will do projects for TRON Evolution. At this time, no one on the team has any plans to mod the PC version of the game. As a whole, the team does not like Evolution and as a result has little interest in modding it. The situation with the lack of editing tools or official SDK does not help matters, though we believe we would still be able to mod the game through perseverance.

Events attended

Photo galleries to do:

  • El Capitan Theater showing TRON film (2004) - Mor.Evil-1 and Load”*”,8,1
  • Flynn's Arcade (2009) - zook_one
  • Meeting DaveTRON (former BVG employee) (2006) and TRON Night (2010) - TronFAQ
1) See An Interview With Mor And Load for the full interview.