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LDSO Project - TRON 2.0 Self-Installing Editing Tools

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Release date:

TRON 2.0 Self-Installing Editing Tools
Editing tools installer
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
Lithtech Triton
December 29, 2012


The final version of the original TRON 2.0 Editing Tools was released by Buena Vista Games on October 17, 2003. The tools came with poorly written and incomplete documentation, an incomplete set of tool applications, a pitiful number of sample maps, models, and prefabs, and was difficult to install properly if you didn't have much prior experience with editing games.

From 2003 to 2005, efforts were made by TronFAQ to make the tools easier to install (through a batch file) and to make available more resources: such as video tutorials, and additional prefabs that were shared with the community by their authors. But installing all these items still proved a cumbersome task.

The first Version 1.0 of the Self-Installing Editing Tools, made available on July 9, 2011 (the 29th anniversary of TRON's release in theaters, coincidentally), eliminated the headache of installing all the tools and additional files. A second Version 1.1 with minor updates was released November 11, 2011. In addition to the original toolset, this tools installer adds LTDMTest, some extra documentation from other Monolith games, some community made prefabs, an .LTA Model exporter plugin for Blender, video tutorials, and WinREZ LT Studio along with XN Resource Editor.

Version 1.2 was released July 9, 2012 (the 30th anniversary of TRON's release), and included many changes such as: making sure the tools would always work correctly if UAC is enabled on Vista and Windows 7, an option to skip the TRON 2.0 game asset extraction if you've already done it before, an option to extract assets from the TRON 2.0: Killer App Mod so you can create maps that take advantage of its new features, making more of the important assets appear in DEdit, setting the viewport camera to a proper aspect ratio on widescreen monitors, and adding the Sark Carrier example map/prefab by HangmanEXE.

Version 1.2a, released on December 29, 2012, fixed an issue preventing the tools from installing properly if the language in Windows was not set to English. Another corrected issue is that the installer will no longer abort after choosing to skip extraction, if a previous existing extraction was done improperly. Meanwhile, on uninstall, you are now informed that WinREZ LT Studio and XN Resource Editor must be uninstalled separately.

WinREZ LT Studio setup screen. Note that ResEdit and Shell Extensions have been deselected.

During installation of WinREZ LT Studio, it is recommended not to install the Shell Extensions if you are using a 64-bit version of Windows. The extensions do not work in a 64-bit environment. You can easily determine whether or not you are using a 64-bit version of Windows by looking at the default install directory. If (x86) is seen in the path, then you are using 64-bit.

It is recommended not to install or use the ResEdit component of WinREZ LT Studio. Use XN Resource Editor instead.

The TRON 2.0 Self-Installing Editing Tools can be downloaded from here.


Editing Tools information screen.